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There was an interesting little book put out some years ago, written by Paul E Little, entitled "Know What You Believe". My copy is from the 28th printing (in 1988), and the work was first written in 1970. Publisher is Victor Books, PO Box 1825, Wheaton, Illiunois 60189. ISBN: 0-89693-045-9.

what_tn.jpg (58278 bytes) This is not a commercial for a book selling company. See if you can find a copy in a secondhand book store, or on a friend's shelves. I have found this little book extremely useful in the concise way in which it explains much basic Christian doctrine - the doctrines or teachings of the early New Testament church - simply. It explains so much that has confused so many for so long.

Know What You Believe

Until his death in 1975, Paul Little traveled widely to speak to thousands, especially to college students. He was on the staff of Inter-Varsity Christian fellowship and was Associate Professor of Evangelism at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Deerfield, Illinois. He has also written other books.

This bestselling "classic" has helped countless new and longtime believers understand the basic truths of their Christian faith.

A testimonial reads... "Mr. Little brought me out of darkness to see God's truth. I read 'Know What You Believe'. There is no question but that God chose him to spread His Word to tens of thousands, even millions."

Know What You Believe

is a practical discussion of the fundementals of the Christian Faith,
and clearly explains what the Bible teaches about....

Jesus Christ
Christ's death and resurrection
Man and Sin
the Holy Spirit
the Church
God's Word
Angels, Satan and Demons
Coming Events

While this book is designed for the reader's personal use and profit, it is also intended for group study. A leader's guide is available.

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