Bishop John Shelby Spong

Rescuing the Bible from Fundementalism

James S Murray - a regular correspondent for Melbourne's 'The Age' - wrote a couple of extremely good articles about Bishop Spong on the occasion of the latter's visit to Australia in the mid 1990s, when he came to launch his book "Rescuing the Bible from Fundementalism" upon the unsuspecting Australian public.

I photo-copied the appropriate pages from the Age, and many years later have sat down to type them up in webpage format, trying hard to duplicate the appearance in the newspaper.

Unfortunately I have no reference to which issues they were taken from, except that in both cases they were the earliest Saturday edition because I live some 800 miles away in an adjoining Australian state.

1st. article Spong's Fundemental Flaws
James S Murray - 'The Age', Melbourne

2nd article Bishop John Shelby Spong -
No apologies for speaking out when faith comes under siege

James S Murray - 'The Age', Melbourne

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