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Those which have been included may be accessed
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whose authors I am acquainted with.

The biblical church - Unity is sadly lacking. The book
written by an Australian, which answered many questions
I was asking when I first read it. God's Wheel was written
progressively by Jeff Hammond from about 1973 onwards,
culminating in a proper print version in the late 1980s.

Unity in the church - what will it take?
From Peacemakers Magazine, August 1999

The Seven Beatitudes of the Revelation
A study by a close friend, Jack R. Ewers

Living in Heavenly Places
Another study by my friend, Jack R. Ewers,
this time in the Old Testament, in the Book of Judges.

The Bible and its End-Time Events
A study by another Melburnian, Richard J Holland
whose style is very easily read.

God and His Bible
(or the Harmonies of Divine Revelation)
A book published in 1946 by an English clergyman,
W H Offiler, who early in the 20th Century felt
called to serve in the United States, and began
reintroducing the New Testament church to his
congregation long before such movings of the Holy
Spirit as the Saskatchewan Revival of 1948.

One of Pastor Offiler's associates, W W Patterson,
wrote a number of excellent studies on a range of
topics. This one here is 'The Tabernacle', an
excellent discussion of the purpose of not just
the Tabernacle and each item of furniture, but
looking forward to the church to come when Christ
was incarnate and finally resurrected as the
'true tabernacle / temple', as the apostle writes.

(Let us, therefore, go on) Unto Perfection
A study by three I am fortunate to count as friends in
Brisbane, Victor Hall, Murray Wylie and Doug Watt.
Rather heavy-going in places, but well worth the effort.
Some people have found the exigesis difficult to accept,
but I believe it is as spot-on as Jeff Hammond's book,
and also Richard Holland refers to, and quotes from, it.

The Glorious Church
Written by David Hall, one of the ministers in the church which I
attended until 2001, this presents some of the material covered
in 'Unto Perfection' in a more easily understood way.

Evangelical Christianity
as described by an evangelical friend, Rob Leuschke, who
lives in the United States; this portion of his website
describes concisely what being an evangelical is all about.
Rob also has some interesting links to other sites.

Scientific proof that Jesus Christ was the Jewish Messiah
has been compiled by Rob Leuschke, and may be found here.

A summation of the Doctrine of the Holy Trinity.
Rob writes that he wrote this in reaction to people
who have differing views from him. Most of what is here,
he says, is borrowed from more intelligent folks than himself!

Rob writes an email to someone who was worried about Promise Keepers
as a mens' support organisation. You may be interested in his evaluation here

Ever wonder about supposed 'contradictions' in the Bible?
Chances are, this website can help you to clear them up.
These appear to be quotations taken out of context by the
person challenging the Bible on this basis,and this is
therefore a useful catalogue for defence of the Bible.

Reforming our Culture - lessons from Abraham and Sarah -
by Victor and Lorraine Hall

'Upon This Rock' is an A5 sized set of notes by Victor Hall
and Murray Wylie. The second of several parts is now out...
Section One: 'the nature of God's promise'
Section Two: 'the nature of the cross - its meaning and result'
A practical application of Christianity in daily life.

Outspoken comment by a pastor who discovered that he was
involved in heretical teachings that were contrary to scripture.
Read several volumes written by Bill Randles, including
'Weighed and Found Wanting', and a re-appraisal
of Spiritual Warfare, 'Making War in the Heavenlies'.

An American Anglican (Episcopalian) bishop by the name of
John Spong visited Australia a few years ago to sell his book
called 'Rescuing the Bible from Fundementalism'.
You might be interested in the well informed critique by staff
writer James Murray published in Melbourne's The Age.

For something really different -
a reconstruction of a typical Jewish Passover meal,
- yet with a Christian flavour -
'A Remembrance of the Passover meal'
written and presented at North Adelaide's
Brougham Place church during Easter 1997

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