Notes I have written

A selected few are indexed here and may be accessed here.
Unfortunately, many others have not been archived.
This page will be added to as and when time is found
to retype old ones, and add new ones.

Those which have been included may be accessed
by clicking the highlighted text below:

Jesus was three days and nights in the tomb.
Could that have been Friday to Sunday?
An exercise in arithmetic

Christian commitment towards each other

Christian salvation; what is it?

Is Circumcision just something that amuses
people with grubby minds, or is there a reason
why God told the Jews (and Arabs) to do it?

Reforming our culture
to be different from that of the world

What about vain repetitions?

The casting out of perceived demonic presences

Christianity as it is often perceived by the public

Does God condemn people for sins
which they have not committed?

Fear about whether we are saved; a different
perspective from the viewpoint of a friend.

God has many names which are often described as the
'Redemptive Names of God';
here is a list I was given many years ago at a Bible study

Jesus's coming and mission were foretold in the Old Testament;
read about some of them from a pamphlet I have.

We hear about new things in the church, with prophets
and all sorts of different, exciting teachings.

Here are several I have written, to encourage thinking
about the situation in the Middle East, because by and large
"westerners" usually consider that the nation we have
known as Israel since May 1948 had every right to
move in on land occupied for centuries by others, and then
disposess many of its occupants. Perhaps, if you look at
these pages, you might understand that there are other
equally valid viewpoints...

The State of Israel... Created by God in 1948?
Or by man - through a United Nations resolution?

Israel... God's Chosen people still?

The Holy Land:
Has God restored His people after "Sending Them Away"?

Of course, all of these notes merely amplify what is already contained in the Bible, a compilation of 66 books from early Jewish and early Christian sources, believed by most Christians to have been inspired of God in their original writing - which was NOT in English, but in Hebrew and Greek. You may use the search facilities provided here...

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