Are the Latter-Day Saints (Mormons) really Christians?

If you were to ask any 'Mormon' (Latter-Day Saint), they would reply most emphatically that they are. If you had asked me at any time between 1966 and 1987, I would have done so too. You see, they do believe that they are, and not just that, but they are 'better' Christians than 'regular' Christians for two reasons important to them. The first is that they believe they have greater knowledge than Christians do, because they have had a prophet appointed by God to lead them since 1824 when a 14 year-old boy, Joseph Smith, reported that he had heard God's call to him in New York State in the U.S.A.. They claim to have a continuing line of prophets and apostles since that time.

Please go and visit a website specially constructed to explain quietly and patiently, without any table-thumping, why I and many others have come to the conclusion that Latter-Day Saints are NOT Christians.

Please take this link to a site associated with an internet chat channel set up for this purpose.
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The site is quite new and still incomplete, but proof of the ongoing tampering with the sacred records of the LDS church by its governing authority, the Council of Twelve Apostles, is there for all to see. You may choose for yourself whether they are preaching the same gospel now as they claim was returned to mankind through God Almighty to 14year-old Joseph Smith in 1824, and progressively thereafter.

We shall compare scanned pages from earlier and later printings of their scriptures and other official documents, and note the differences. It will then be up to YOU to draw what conclusions you wish. I have drawn mine. Please don't close your mind to truth, however painful it may be to you.

I am also working on some notes about how I felt when I discovered that Mormonism was a fraud. Coupled with this, one should realise that almost every person who leaves the L.D.S. faith becomes either an agnostic (one who is uncertain whether there is any god) or an aetheist (One who is firm in their belief that there is no god).

The reasons become apparent when one realises that the LDS church effectively teaches that there is no chance for salvation once you step away from them; you become a 'Son of Perdition' through having turned your back on God's only true church (organisation). Therefore there is no logical reason why you should continue to follow any of His teachings.

While that teaching is a lie, totally false, and all lies by definition come solely from the 'Father of all Lies', it is enough to cause the majority of those who leave Mormonism to turn their backs on God Almighty. In other words, having discovered that the organisation founded by Joseph Smith was as leaky as a sieve, they turn their back on God, believing that if His 'only true church' is false, He must be so as well.

Be encouraged, dear reader, there is hope for you. God does exist, and so does Jesus Christ, but not in the form described by the L.D.S. There are many of us who, having known L.D.S. doctrine now worship God and Christ 'In Spirit and in Truth' as Jesus said to the Samaritan woman at the well, described in John's gospel.

This is my first attempt to create a page of information about what Latter-Day Saints believe, and it will be continued in due course. If I have offended you with what I have said, I am truly sorry, but I make no apology for being direct because the truth needs to be said. What I have written does very fairly represent Latter-Day Saint beliefs and history.

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