No Compromise

I read an interesting biography in about 1994. It was by the widow of a man who had been a secular musician, and they had both seperately searched for life's meaning for years, meeting around the time each found it in Jesus Christ. The first part of the book was a graphic description of the lifestyle excesses encountered by them, and I was on the point of putting the book down when it suddenly changed direction and from then on it wasn't possible to lay it aside. The publisher of my copy is Nelson Word Books (catalogue number YB4002), and it is available from "Word" Bookstores (and their affiliates) all round the world. ISBN: 0-86024-002-9. There was an earlier 1989 edition also by Word (YB 9318) ISBN 0-85009-318-X. The photographic credit for the cover goes to Larry DeGraff.

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The dedication of the book is

In Loving memory of:

Keith Green (28 years)
one of a kind
who served
One of a kind

and Bethany Grace Green (2 years)
and Josiah David Green (3 years)

who died together in a light aircraft crash in July 1982

No Compromise

"No Compromise" is all about Keith Green, and his coming to know Jesus, the Saviour of all mankind, whom God sent in fulfillment of prophesy at the appointed time. Keith's "motto", if you will, was the title of the book, "No Compromise" - that is to say no compromise in anything in his life, from that time onward.

Two testimonials to Keith, his life, and his mission in serving his God, from well known Christians are appended:

Introduction to "No Compromise"

He fought against compromised beliefs selling out for popularity, and the dust of religious institutions. His challenge raised up leaders from ordinary young men and women. Keith was a champion to some. A lightning rod of controversy to others. Keith's life story, his music and the never before published journal sections in No Compromise are a road map to where he was headed spiritually. Hailed as a prophet by many, he often struggled painfully to live up to his own strong declarations.

And just when Keith found a new secret - one that set him free inside - he was taken from us. He was only 28.

Keith's spiritual search, and what he learned at that final turn in the path, had much more to say to us. It will set your feet on higher ground.

No one knew Keith better than the woman who shared his life and mission - Melody. In July 1982, when Keith was killed in a tragic plane crash along with two of their children - Josiah, 3 and Bethany, 2 - Melody was left with one year old Rebekah. She was also prgnant with her fourth child, Rachel. And she inherited Keith's musical legacy of published and unpublished songs and his private journals.

Co-author David Hazard is an award-winning writer and editor, and the president of an editorial development service. His wife, Mary Lynne, and their children - Aaron, Joel and Sarah - are happy to have him work at home in Lincoln, Virginia.

The original (1989) copyright on the book is held by Sparrow Corporation,

You may take a link to Last Days Ministries from here, the organisation that Keith and Melody Green set up in Lindale, Texas.

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