The State of Israel...
Created by God in 1948?
Or by man - through a United Nations resolution?


This is quite a long article, so you might like to save it to disk. I make no apologies for its length; the preamble material sets out why I thought the way I did, and then it goes on to explain how and why I changed my viewpoint. As many people try to discredit my views, I have spelled them out in great detail here.

As a sort of Christian who accepted whatever he was told by whoever was the current oracle of God, in an undiscerning way, without challenging those who told me anything, I was of the opinion that the Jews were led back to what many refer to as their "homeland" shortly after World War II.

We have been well fed by the media barons over many decades. Their viewpoint is usually well presented, and dissenting views described in a less than acceptable way. This is how mankind has been misled for centuries.

In many cases, those doing the misleading do so with the best of intentions. I remember my dear departed (agnostic) mother telling me at the age of about five or six "The road to hell is paved with good intentions". My life has been alternately of that ilk and also of individualistic selfish "I want it, and I want it now"

Raised as a child to a professional soldier father and his wife, by indigenous Arab house servants in the deserts of what is now the Yemen, my mother alone continued that task in South Africa during the rest of World War II. Then followed a period back in the UK in just post-war Britain, a time of austerity, nothing on the shops' shelves, nobody owned a car, everything was rationed... and I spent much of that period in either boarding school or living with school friends.

Little wonder, then, that I learned and believed many conflicting things.

One thing that I did remember from the age of about seven, was that mother had problems in South Africa with most of the white-skinned university students she coached to augment father's military "allotment" the army sent out of his war pay back in Europe. And surprisingly, she said she had no problems with the darker skinned students. The problems she referred to were both the payment of tuition fees, and attempted amorous behaviour by the students. That, and my memories of being raised by an Arabian Ayah served to anchor my beliefs in equality of races regardless of skin colour.

Therefore, in 1947, when at the age of 12 I heard that the Jews (who Hitler had gassed and done other unmentionable things to) were to be "given" their own country, along with everyone else I knew, I applauded how good "the government" was, and how much better the new "United Nations" was than the ill-fated "League of Nations" which had failed to prevent World War II.

19 years later, I was converted to an almost Christian belief system in 1966, about twelve months after migrating to Australia with my first wife, her son, and our son. This church reinforced the understanding of how great it was that the Jews should have been resettled in the "land of their birth", notwithstanding their having been lawfully dispossessed by the Romans in 71 AD because of ongoing refusal to obey the rules. The Old Testament has many examples in its historical sections of God sending them away for disobedience too...

And around that time, the Six-Day War happened, and I was told (and therefore believed) that God's people were being helped by Him in reclaiming the land that was rightfully theirs.

This particular religious organisation practiced racial inequality, although they deny that it was so (And therefore I believed that they didn't). Consequently the olive skinned Palestinians were painted in the minds of its membership as "lesser" beings... - by innuendo rather than directly. Nobody ever mentioned that the majority of the Israeli army and air force also had olive coloured skins...

In 1986 I discovered to what extent I had been misled by this religious organisation, having walked away from them nine years before, and I made a new commitment, this time to serve the Christ of the Bible.


The Holy LandHere, then, is a map of the Holy Land's "status quo" several years after the Six-Day war. Click on the small map to open a larger one in a new window.

The light green line shows the original boundary set by the United Nations - still the official boundary between Israel and Syria (in the north-east) and Israel and Jordan on most of the rest of the east.

However, land acquired at that time includes that as far as the red lines in an easterly direction - as far as the River Jordan in the case of that siezed from the State of Jordan, and that over the top of the Golan heights that was seized from the Syrians, including the town of Qneitra.

Interestingly the map is a Microsoft one, which favours the Jewish anglicised spelling of locations rather than the traditional Arabic anglicisation.


My Middle Eastern connection
In December 1989, I learned of the death of an uncle, my father's half-brother. I knew nothing about him because of a 3-generation family feud. Like my father, Uncle had spent much of his life in the military with indigenous soldiers in other parts of the world.

While father spoke Swahili and Arabic - both very well - Uncle Orme, it transpired, was excellent with Arabic too. And he had had an amazing military career between the two World Wars in Egypt, Iraq and Palestine. The piece of history which was of particular interest to me was the discovery that he was Brigade Commander of 3rd Brigade (based at Ramullah) of The Arab Legion from shortly before the end of World War II until 1954.

It still had not registered in my mind that his appointment put him on the side of "The Bad Guys" - after all, how could that possibly be, when Her Majesty's Welsh Guards (in which he was a full Colonel) had seconded him at the request of Glubb Pasha (General Sir John Bagot Glubb MC and many other decorations) to this position. And King Abdullah of Transjordan was a "Good Guy" too, because he was on "our side" - as was Glubb himself - who after all was "British".

Funny how we associate good guys and bad guys!

The hat colour isn't important, like it used to be in cowboy movies. Uncle wore a red and white checked shamagh (head covering) most of the time, so it appears, because he related well to the Bedouin soldiery. And perhaps from time to time a khaki peaked cap - not with the leek of the Welsh Guards, but with the crossed Kris and Transjordanian crown of the Kingdom of Transjordan.

In 1990 I had the opportunity to work for six months in Sweden in my profession, and so my relatively new wife and I took eight months away from Australia, visiting my native Wales and also the Holy Land en route. The London attorneys I had engaged in connection with my uncle's deceased estate were Jewish (not that that made any difference to me) and the brother of one practiced law in the state of Israel. In fact he had recently been appointed judge to the District Court at Netanya, just up the coast from Hertzlyiah Pituach where we stayed with relations. This resulted in a delightful invitation to dinner one night.

The relatives we stayed with worked at the Australian Embassy located in Tel Aviv, and once we started to describe the things we had unearthed in family history, many doors were opened to us - but not on the Jewish side, rather on the Palestinian side. The most unlikely one was the discovery that a curio shop owner Philip knew had in the past been a young officer in the Arab Legion, appointed as aide to my uncle! He had obviously lost his Arab Legion commission as a result of the Israelis winning the Six-Day War.

This gentleman, in the typical Arab way, invited us to his house, and took us on a conducted tour into Ramallah where we looked at what used to be the parade ground of 3rd Brigade, and at the school which was built to replace the house where uncle used to live.

Visiting there could only happen (for safety and security reasons) because there was not a Palestinian "strike" day on at the time. Piecing together what my new friend told us (and I will not identify him because of possible reprisals) produced a very different history compared with the one the official histories and many Christians (including ministers who should know better) generally come up with.

Our friend was a Christian. A descendant of those Christians who didn't leave in 71 AD when Titus destroyed Jerusalem. We met others, too; I remember a Christian Palestinian in Nazareth, also an Israeli citizen (2nd class though). We were fortunate that the car in which we drove had diplomatic licence plates. We could not have travelled some of the roads without.

In it we visited the mountain village of Qibya. This was the location for the second most dreadful atrocity committed by Israeli military against unarmed civilians they chose to dispossess and kill. Strong words, but very true. I have read about the 1953 Qibya massacre (as it is rightfully called) in a number of books. It was that occasion that caused the end of my uncle's military career. It was led by then Major Ariel Sharon, who became the top political figure in Israel in 2001, a man who has always been known for his ruthless disregard for human life to acchieve his own ends. More about that later.

You can find Qibya on the map here - and appreciate just how difficult it was to find a road to it because the Israelis had cut almost all of the West Bank vehicular access with digging up or barricading roads, or chain link fences across them.

Qibya is recorded as being second only in its nastiness to the atrocity committed by the Israelis against unarmed villagers at Deir Yaseen in 1948 - a little village set in no-mans land just on the western side of Jerusalem. I shall quote published descriptions of both the Qibya and Deir Yaseen attacks later, and you can decide for yourself if they were planned and executed by godly men inspired of the Lord to reclaim land that was theirs by right.

Deir Yasseen isn't even shown on Microsoft's Encarta map - even at the most zoomed-in scale possible. That suggests to me that it was left as rubble by the Israelis, never to be lived in again.

My wife and I returned to the UK for a few days before heading to Sweden where I was to work for 25 weeks. Malmö is the southern-most major regional city in Sweden, and is third in size, Stockholm (the capital) being the largest, followed by Göteborg. In the long dark evenings I spent time reading books from the very well appointed city library - statsbibiloteket - which was about a quarter of an hour away at a brisk autumn or winter walk. Later I'll tell you about one I was subsequently able to get a second-hand copy of, and bring back to Australia.


Brief history of the region up to 1948
Those who saw the movie Lawrence of Arabia - or read the book The Seven Pillars of Wisdom - will remember this flamboyant British army officer who "went native" as the saying used to be.

He basically organised the Arabs of the region to kick the Turks out of Palestine, Egypt and Syria as Turkey supported Germany during World War One. Undoubtedly there was a commercial interest in oil from the gulf, and such, but it was a military campaign par excellence, using the very capable Bedu fighters in their country in their own conditions, to achieve some considerable success. It also united a number of Arab tribal groups.

Out of this, and after the end of the war, came the two mandates of the League of Nations - the French Mandate over Lebanon and Syria, and the British Mandate over Palestine, TransJordan and Iraq.

Leaving the politics out of it - and there are always politics - the British looked after their mandated territory quite effectively, using two different methods. In the case of TransJordan and Iraq, an indignous ruler acceptable to the local population was appointed, the local Emir in the case of TransJordan (by local, I mean that he had taken up residence there after supplying warriors to help remove the Turks). In Iraq it was a relative of his who was also acceptable to the people - at least to begin with. Thus we see King Feisal of Iraq and King Abdullah of TransJordan - the great grandfather of the present King Abdullah.

Both of these appointed kings were eventually completely autonomous, and effectively the British concept of their mandate was that they would provide back-up when needed in monetary terms, and to provide military and technical advisors. This happened right from the start.

In the case of Palestine, the situation was rather different. (General) Peake Pasha who by now commanded the Arab Legion - the name of the army Emirs Abullah and Feisal raised during the war - strongly recommended that in Palestine, with Zionist settlers trying to come in, and by deliberately exceeding the quota permitted month after month to lay claim to it being territory, that a copy of a British administration be set up instead, with a High Commissioner appointed from London, occupying a Government House (as in the other colonies).

This was because it was obvious to everyone that a ruler from either the Arab side or the Zionist side would not be acceptable to the other. And as in all British colonial ventures, the end would always be self-government. We should remember, however, that these territories were NOT actually British colonies, but were being assisted to run free from security problems under an international agreement. So, such an administration was set up, and it ran reasonably well for a number of years.

This peace-keeping move would eventually be the catalyst that would result in the 1947 resolution of the as-yet unborn United Nations to grant Zionists their own state by partitioning Palestine into two, which would disenfranchise and dispossess what by then had become half the existing indigenous population.

It should be emphasised that the Palestinian (Arab) population percentage would have been far larger if the unlawful Jewish immigrants sent by Zionist societies hadn't swelled the Jewish numbers so substantially in the mean time.

The film "Exodus" portrayed a tiny thumbnail of the entire illegal immigration problem with a story about a ship full of European refugees attempting to dock in Haifa. With a somewhat biassed script from the Zionist perspective, it was fairly accurate in content. The ship was in fact returned to its port of origin. Most of the illegal immigration in actual fact was from quite safe countries such as the United States and Britain.

That is not my hype, by the way. It is one well documented reason why self government was never given until the 1948 partition, because Britain's local representatives were desperately trying to keep the two sides apart and stopping them from killing each other, and at the same time stopping the illegal Zionist immigration from swelling the number of Jewish citizens who would be encouraged to carry arms to use against the impartial administration AND the Arabs.

While that was occupying the administration's time, their own masters back in London were double-dealing behind their backs, bargaining with America, France and the Zionist cause. One might ask what they were bargaining for...well, sad to say, it was for votes in polling booths in the USA and in the United Kingdom.

Oh yes, and a last point in this section... you may be surprised to hear that the poor Palestinian Arabs - a huge proportion of which were Christians - never actually had any say in their dispossession. Nor did the Kingdom of TransJordan have any say in their being required to govern and protect the Palestinian Arab area against Jewish attack.

Those are also documented facts, known long before any freedom of information act released internal correspondence between the British, the Americans and the French, and which showed the extent of the outright lies told to subordinate officers by the governments of the day in those countries.

On 15th May 1948, the mandated territories all disappeared overnight. The relative calm that went on nearly up to that point in time then erupted into wholesale war, which hasn't actually stopped in the 50 years since.

However the Israeli government-to-be had already made many plans to break the conditions of the partition as set down by the United Nations.

On March 19th 1948 an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council resolved suspension of the proposed handover in May, calling instead for a UN Trusteeship Council to administer the region, because it was now blatantly obvious that the two peoples would not be able to co-exist peacefully.

Funny that!

The UN had been told this all along. And such a situation had existed all along in the form of the Mandate.

On March 24th, the Jews rejected the United Nations and did what it has continued to do ever since... thumbed its nose at them. The Jews stated they would not accept any delay in implementing the transfer. They were now well armed by both the British (yes, who were supporting the status quo by arming TransJordan) and the United States.

The great political figures of the day badly fumbled the whole business, allowing the April 10th 1948 attack by the Jews which killed 254 Arab men, women and children - whose only crime was they inhabited a village outside the gates of Jerusalem. This was Deir Yassin (Anglicised Hebrew), also known as Deir Yaseen (Anglicised Arabic). We shall discuss this and another similar massacre in great detail later.

Note the date.

This was five weeks before the Jews were to lawfully steal Palestinian territory under the agreement of the United Nations Resolution in 1947.

Even United Nations observers were maltreated by the Israelis who history shows didn't give two hoots for authority or others' rights.

The first UN official to actually be deliberately murdered by them was Count Bernadotte on Friday September 17th 1948 (just 4 months after the Zionists had achieved their target of occupying someone else's land).

Bernadotte was gunned down by two members of the Stern Gang, and we shall look closer at the Jewish attitude over that further down the article..

Of course, those close to the scene warned that this sort of activity was bound to happen, but the Zionists had to be appeased by the decision-makers in return for their votes in many crucial Presidential elections in the United States and General Elections in the United Kingdom.

That is also information freely available to be read, you just have to dig for it. Like most stuff that is embarrassing, it is well hidden.

The plan finally adopted had previously been rejected as being unfair on the existing population. Not many people are aware of that, but correspondence released under FOI shows this to be the case.

So, an imaginary line was drawn round the base of the high ground west of Jerusalem, termed the West Bank, continuing round south of Hebron and Beersheba and on to the Dead Sea; it was annexed to TransJordan under the 1947 United Nations resolution. TransJordan was simultaneously renamed Jordan.

Jerusalem was supposed to become an international city, not belonging to either side - but this was never the case, the Israelis' stepped-up attacks within Jerusalem prior to the end of the Mandate ensured the city was partitioned well before.

Simultaneously with that, people living on the eastern side of this line were deprived of their lands down the bottom of the hills. Two sets of chain link fences were then erected by the Israelis defining a "no-mans land", like that between East and West Germany, and those who stepped into it were liable to be killed by Israeli rifle fire.

So we see a high corrugated iron wall erected, which partitioned Jerusalem into East and West.

Because Jerusalem was some ten miles inside the West Bank, a demilitarised zone along the road from Tel Aviv was proclaimed by the United Nations - similar to the road and rail corridor into Berlin from Hamburg through the Russian Zone of Germany, later to become the German Democratic Republic.

The parallels are actually staggering, the more so when one considers the continual bleating of the new owners of the land about the way in which they were treated by the Germans during World War II. Holocaust certainly happened, and was to be deplored. But the Jews in return inflicted as harsh punishment on those whose crime was to be the real owners and occupiers of the territory the Jews had usurped.

As a Christian, one has to consider the parable of the unjust servant, as told by Jesus Christ, who pleaded with his master to be let off an enormous debt. This the master did. The servant then went and threw an underling into prison for owing him a much smaller debt. The Israelis' methods of reprisal "justice" has to be seen to be believed in this context, and shows how little they understand the ways of God. This is certainly food for thought in connection with whether or not the 50-year-old military-political ruling junta in the Knesset have restored God's people to their promised land.

But, you see, those who make the political and military decisions in Israel don't actually believe in the God who they say gave them the land in the first place. Rather illogical thinking, but it becomes obvious as we explore the topic.

While not in any way connected with Israeli assasinations, His Majesty King Abdullah of Jordan was murdered by gunshot from a disenchanted Arab as he entered the mosque in Jerusalem known as the Dome of the Rock on July 20th 1949, and was succeeded by his son Talal who was a sick man who ruled through a regent much of the time until his son Hussein was of age.

Hussein succeeded to the throne on August 11th 1953, his eighteenth birthday, and had only been two months on the throne when the Qibya attack came on 14th October 1953. At Hussein's death in February 1999, he was succeeded by his eldest son, the present King of Jordan, King Abdullah.

Importantly, please note that this article is NOT anti-Semitic. When its author uses expressions such as Zionists, Jews, Israelis, and the nation Israel, he is referring to the thoughts, ideals, plottings, murderings, rapes, and so on approved, planned, and executed by the leaders of the particular body so described.

It does not describe the outlook of the vast majority of the Israeli people, particularly now, who are so disillusioned with fifty years of continual warfare against every neighbouring country.

Actually, I have great sympathy for the citizens of Israel who have been precipitated into an eventual no-win situation outside the hand of God Himself. I have met several who have left the country and taken up permanent residence outside of its boundaries in order to avoid having to fight in the ongoing civil war.

While the government of the state of Israel was effectively established long before 1948 in elite clubs in Europe, Great Britain and the United States, and those ideals discussed there have been carried through by those of similar mind until now, ruling by the principle of ten for one reprisals, the machine gun and high explosive charge, nobody who understands the Lord God could possibly believe that these people were carrying out His mighty will.

These are ungodly leaders, who reject any ideals which they have not created in their own minds.

No, rather it may well be that God will choose at some time in the future to use this quite unlawful and arrogantly presumptuous re-establishment of a poor imitation of real traditional Jewry to take His word to the nations. I am quite open to that thought.

After all, Almighty God who created the heavens and the earth and each of us is quite capable of doing anything without asking our prior approval.


My Research
While staying in Tel-Aviv's Hertzlyiah in May 1990, I found a English language paperback book in Steinmatzky's bookstore - about Jordan's King Hussein. This I found fascinating, and on returning to the UK, my wife and I visited the author, retired General James Lunt, at his home just outside Oxford. I must have lent it to someone since, and forgotten who, as it is no longer with my other reference books on my shelves.

The general gave me copies of a couple of his other writings and while he admitted to knowing my late uncle only very slightly, he recommended and put us in touch with another retired Welsh Guards officer, Colonel Nigel Bromage (who did know uncle), who together with his wife invited us to dinner at their London home. We spent an enjoyable evening learning about the Arab-Israeli scene directly from someone who had been involved in it since World War 2, following on from the same perspective of General Lunt.

I was fortunate, over the next six months, to obtain copies of a number of other books dealing with various aspects of the "Arab-Israeli conflict" - as it is widely known. While many who believe in the one God "of the book" - whether the "book" is the Torah, or the Q'oran, or the Old and New Testaments, there is general acceptance that when God spoke to Avraham / Ibrahim / Abraham telling him that enmity would exist between his two sons down through history, the more recent territorial problems are not just related to that pronouncement.

I have voraciously read works by military and journalist authors thoroughly familiar with the region, and without fail they all point the finger at both sides for atrocities against the other - and perhaps this is the inherited enmity.

But much more damning to the Jewish cause is the fact that every author whose work I have read appears to have fully researched the subject, and has not taken word-for-word the many government press releases as being gospel.

Later in this article I will list a bibliography of material I have read - which has caused me to shift my viewpoint from being pro-Israeli towards being pro-Palestinian.

Perhaps the most interesting reading, and which was the most damning of the Zionist cause, was one I first read in the stadtsbibliotek (City Library) in Sweden's Malmö, that of a Jewish author - Moshe Menuhin, and called "The Decadence of Judaism in Our Time". Menuhin is a believing Jew (God-fearing, as opposed to a secular one) who was born in Russia eight years before the previous turn of the century, and after attending school in Jerusalem and Tel-Aviv, he went to the United States just after World War One to attend university in New York. Please take this link to a page where I have placed some comments about the book. There is another link at the bottom of this page if you would prefer.

The common thread that runs throughout all these the books has been that the Israeli government leaders who effectively started the present feud by attacking Deir Yaseen in 1948 have never genuinely tried to patch up differences, preferring the heavy-handed use of military force - usually against unarmed civilians - and killing ten Palestinians for every one of theirs the Palestinians killed.

Ten-for-one is not just idle statistics, either, it is Israeli official propaganda, claimed by them while gloating over the number they have killed.

Add to this the historical documented evidence of the collusion between Zionists, especially rich ones, and the political masters they successfully bought in the United States and Great Britain starting from well over a hundred years ago.

I began to see in its true perspective why my late uncle, Brigadier-General James Orme Mornini Ashton, OBE had no choice but to resign his appointment to the Jordanian monarchy in 1954 as he had failed their peoples' trust in him to protect the West Bank. He died a broken man twenty five years later, still grieving for the people he loved so dearly.

So, you may say, this article is a personal vendetta on my part to avenge his memory, or something like that... Not so.

While I never knew him, my uncle was loved by his troops. He was quite good at military intelligence, and maintained a network of spies around the front line - the "green line" that separated the state of Israel from the Kingdom of Transjordan. These spies were, of course, the villagers. He was trusted by his superior, Glubb Pasha, in his task of defending the border, and trusted by the villagers, and above all was trusted by the soldiers whose respect he commanded because of his humanitarianism although quite prepared to deal in a soldier's way with rebellion and other nasties.

The title "Pasha" was a hang-over from an earlier hundred years or more of Turkish rule in the region... it was a Turkish language term roughly translated as meaning "respected leader". Glubb Pasha oversaw all the Arab Legion under the Emir (later King) Abdullah. Ashton Pasha oversaw the West Bank, and after the 1948 United Nations partition it of necessity became a more vigilant command than the one he already had at the same location since the end of World War II.

I am given to understand that to the few who are still alive and remember him, he is still known as Ashton Pasha, and while they accepted his loss of face and departure, they also accepted him personally as a man of integrity. At least that is my impression from talking with a previous ambassador to Australia of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, and from a letter I have from the Hashemite Court at Amman.

What went wrong at Qibya was quite horrible in its detail, but it was very typical of the every-day precision of the Israeli war machine - particularly in situations personally planned and executed by Ariel Sharon. The Qibya massacre was indeed planned and led by Sharon, is attested to by a number of other correspondents, and will be discussed later.


Geography of the Region
To get things in their perspective from an Australian point of view, the distance from the mediterranean coast to the River Jordan is about as far as that from the coast at Adelaide's Glenelg to the River Murray over the other side of the Mount Lofty Ranges.

Jerusalem would be placed roughly where Monarto would have been, had South Australian Premier Dunstan had his way to build a decentralised government centre.

Translating that into pre 6-day war situation, it would have meant that the Israelis would have had their frontier with Jordan somewhere around a line drawn north from Strathalbyn through Gummeracha.

The Jordanian administration of the West Bank would have started there, and Monarto would have been Jerusalem, a divided city, with a road and rail access corridor through Nairne to Callington.

Nobody would be able to travel east-west anywhere along the line, except through that access corridor. Machine guns and tracker dogs would ensure you didn't.

There would have been border crossings into Lebanon around Port Wakefield, into Jordan at Murray Bridge, Wellington and Mannum, and into Egypt just off the coastline south of Granite Island (Victor Harbour).

I shall create maps to the same scale, showing comparisons with Australia side by side, hopefully shortly. Please be patient.

It is a tiny area, and so full with hate and distrust.


Small points arising from questions asked me
These have been gathered from Internet Relay Chat discussions with people, and then copied and pasted here with little correction... the points raised by the person I was talking with are in bold italic typeface with a blue colour.

Doesn't it say that God ordains kings... even bad ones?

But many of the Jews there are God-fearing... how can you say they should not be there?

But didn't God give them the land originally?

The Jews had no where safe to go

Nobody I know disputes that Israel was God inspired

If what I've read is accurate... they had no plumbing no services and no improved farming methods - living like the Arabs had for centuries

The Jews' arrival in Palestine brought with it "modernizations that let them live healthily and grow better crops and civilize things"

Maybe so, yes, but not compared to Arabs burning dung in rock fireplaces - and they had no sanitary arrangements at all

Doesn't the prevailing thought say that there weren't very many Jews there and they didn't live very well then?

The Arabs refused to allow the people who were displaced to assimilate into the general population... effectively forcing them to remain in camps and failing to provide them with services

The whole history up to that point supported the formation of Israel by the atrocities committed against Jews culminating then

I know... facts by themselves can be deceiving... statistics can be used to lie


Dead Sea Scrolls connection
As the senior Arab Officer in the region, my uncle "Teal" Ashton was closely associated with some of the sleuthing in tracking the Palestinian shepherd boy and accomplices responsible for discovering the existence of the Dead Sea Scrolls. A link will be placed to some interesting material in due course.

Surprisingly, journalists Collins & La pierre in their otherwise accurate book "O Jerusalem!" must have mis heard those talking about uncle, as he is referred to by them as "Colonel T. L. Ashton"! While he was a Colonel at that time (he did not become a Brigadier until the end of the Mandate) his nickname of "Teal" - which could have been mis heard as T.L. - may well have had something to do with his love of duck-shooting. However he had been known as "Teal" for at least 20 years prior to that time, and I read in one of the books I inherited from his library a fly-leaf dedication to Glubb's autobiography... "Teal Ashton with love from..." and dated 12 October 57.

In pencil, Uncle wrote underneath...

"An excellent book, but no doubt every effort will be made by the Zionists to prevent its coming to the attention of the British public. It is too long and too expensive for the man in the street and too honest for politicians and statesmen. It is history well coolly written by a very great man and as such will receive no attention the more so as it cannot avoid showing up our little 'Lords and masters'. (Signed) J.O.M.A."

While exiled back to his native Wales in 1954, my uncle - just like Glubb - still regarded himself as indigenous to the region. Glubb has interesting comments in his writings about how defensive the Jordan Court (and indeed the Jordan public too) were about Glubb being a Jordanian - "One of Us" - when accused by other Arabs stirring the pot about having a British general in charge of their army.

Unfortunately there was plenty of animosity from nearby directed at the Jordanians, likely in part because of jealousy at their excellent economy due to the personal friendship and working alliance between King Abdullah and Glubb Pasha. Much of it was engineered by Egypt - who claimed to be superior to the Arabs, because they were an older race, until they saw it could be to their advantage to join with, and then control, Iraq Syria and Lebanon when the Mandate ended.


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To be an Arab in Israel - Fouzi El-Asmar - Frances Pinter - ISBN 0-903804-08-5

The Israeli War of Aggression - Jamal Nasser - published by author - no ISBN

Arab and Jew - Wounded Spirits in a Promised Land - David K Shipler (Pulitzer Prize winner) - publisher - ISBN 0-7475-0179-3

The Dead Sea Scrolls - A Reappraisal - John Allegro - Penguin 1990 - ISBN 0-14-013457-3

Eulogy at the funeral of John Bagot Glubb - His Majesty King Hussein of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan - Private collection of J.O.M. Ashton

King and Country - A photographic tribute to King Hussein on his 50th birthday - Zohrab Markarian - Hutchinson Benham 1985 - ISBN 0-09-163930-1

* - books marked with an asterisk were from my late uncle's estate. The rest were purchases (many being second-hand as the majority are out of print) or gifts.


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